Book launch St Petersburg

My book Те, кто выжил 900 дней Блокады was launched in St Petersburg on October 7 th 2021. Speakers at the event included:

Margarita Mudrak, Chairman of St. Petersburg Association for International Cooperation

Andrey Khlutkov , Vice-Chairman of the Committee for External Relations of St. Petersburg.

Nikita Lomagin , Director of the newly organized Institute of the History of the Siege of Leningrad, Vice-Rector of the European University at St. Petersburg

Irina Baskakova , Director of the Social Translation Center of the St. Petersburg State University,
University professor

Vladimir Nikiforov , Director of Asterion Publishing House

Grachya Poghosyan, Founder of the Grachya Pogosyan Charitable Foundation

Nina Lebedeva, Vice-Chair of the NGO ‘Citizens of ‘Besieged Leningrad’